Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Perfect 10 (and a half) or Boys Suck

Pretend that's me
It is Wednesday (for those of you who didn't know) which means its weigh in day....YAY. I actually have some good news this week but i have contracted some sort of Ebola or possibly a or the other..... and therefore am so not my usual animated self. You may be able to tell by the lack of capitol letters I am using (not using) and there will be much less exclamation marks....but rest assured I am excited and happy......wheeeeeeee.
Ok so, the increased cardio is happening for real. I feel much more confident that I am burning fat when the sweat is pooling in my bra like my own personal (and disgusting) hot tub. I am learning to hate it less, but I cannot love it...not yet. Give me some more time and we shall talk. Unfortunately with this cold(Ebola) i am avoiding any kind of heart pumping activities because they make me cough to the point of puking...not fun. (though probably good for the weight loss) so today was a no go but with luck, my lungs will be back to themselves soon. My husband hopes so too...wink.
Anyway, the results are in. The audience has voted and the computer has tabulated that:
Weight: -2.5 lbs....for a grand total of -10.5 lbs. Whoo hoo!
There was literally NO changes anywhere else this week, but I have a sneaking suspicion that in about 3 or 4 days that will change, as well my mood will improve, my cravings for salt and chocolate will decrease and I will be making a trip to the drugstore for feminine that point maybe the water retention will disappear and there will be some more losses to report....i just happy that I broke the 10 lb mark officially...that's good sh*t.
This is also me....but with less facial hair
So as the title suggests, boys suck....and here's why. Last week my loving husband commented on my weight loss and stamina/sticktoitness and told me how proud he was and impressed and all that jazz. (he's a keeper) Then the sweetheart tells me that I have inspired him to kick up his regime (which he doesn't have) and start eating healthier etc. Today he tells me proudly that he has lost about 5 to 7 lbs....this week. I proceeded to punch him in the face and finish my salad. Ok so i didn't punch him....but man I wanted to ....5 to 7 a week....of doing ....what? Walking a little more at lunch and drinking more water and less beer.....are you effing kidding me? So that is why boys suck. Because apparently they just have to think about losing weight and it melts right off of them....soooooo not fair.

Ok it's time for neocitrin and my bed. I will keep you posted though....not on my husbands weight loss....just mine. He can start his own damn blog.

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