Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm late, I'm late....or...I think I can I think I can....

Look it's me after hour 11....NOT!
So techinically it's Tursday but in my defense I worked a 12 hour waitressing shift yesterday and could seriously give a s**t about blogging my results this week. Not that they are terrible, they are completely acceptable, just not important enough to take time away from know....not being at work, to share....but it's all good. I'm here...I'm updating...god get off my back. I like to pretend that you are all (both of you) waiting with baited breath for my every update. It makes me feel important...just let me have this ok?
So this week I kept up with the cardio...and it losses on the upper half but stuff happening down below. Hmmmm....that doesn't sound good. Let's rephrase that. Stuffs going down, below the belt. Nope, that is sooooo not better. Let's just get to the numbers shall we.
Weight; -1 lb for a grand total of 11.5 lbs. Love it.
Chest and Waist....nothing. Sigh....I mean yay about the ladies....but i need some losses "in ma bell-ay"....make sure you read that with a scottish accent.
Hips: - 1 inch....woot to the mutha effin woot....bout time,
Tushy: - 1 too. Get gone would ya....but not too much. My baby likes a lil junk in my trunk....
Thighs: -1 inch. Yup....soon there will be daylight happening between them.

Me while working out....also NOT! My
track suit is purple....
All in all...good stuff....good stuff. Not great....but good. My research goal this week is toning excercises, targeting certain spots....specifically, my inner thighs which still smoosh together and I fear are going to cause a fire if I wear courderoys, purely from the way they rub .Secondly my bat wings or "bingo arms" as one co-worker so kindly called them. I wanna lose those....they are yucky. As I lose weight, they appear to be getting saggy-er...muscle on top....flap flap flappin in the breeze on the bottom. Next week I might (MIGHT) start posting body pics.....or I might wuss out and put amusing cartoon pictures of people working out....who knows.

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