Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's a twofer today....Damn Damn damn

So its weigh in day....damnit. I knew my weekend wasnt beneficial but damn it's depressing when you dont see results. Especially for all the other days that you did try and do what u are supposed to....this will be a short one since my Plexus Slim review took up most of my And I am now depressed so I don't wanna be entertaining anymore. My only consolation is that I am pmsing and perhaps bloating....sigh.
weight. -.5lbs for a total after 4 weeks of 6.5 (blah)
chest +.5inches (thats your fault pms)
stomach: no change
hips: -.5inches
ass: no change
thighs: no change
 Damn damn damn. Oh well, lesson hopefully learned. Except for the fact that it's easter weekend and we have a "girls night in" scheduled and family coming to visit and easter supper.....look for gains next week folks....but I am gonna try my damndest to make sure that doesnt happen. Happy Easter Weekend all.

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