Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Now that's more like it!...or the Second coming of diet and excercise

This was me this morning...but chunkier.
I say good day to you my readers (both of you). It's weigh in day...and I am in a FAN-EFFING-TASTIC mood. I have no excuses for you, I have no oopsies for you, I have only good news. KICK ASS! Let's get right down to it shall we....

Weight: -3lbs....yup...3 lbs down in one week. Boo-yah! Total loss: 8lbs!
Chest: -(sigh).5 for a total of 3.5 inches lost. My hubby promises me it's not from the ladies but more from the backal (it's a word) area. I choose to take his comments as truth....
waist: -.5 for t total inches lost of 4 inches....schweet
hips: -.5 for a total inches lost of 2.5....I'll take it....but i wish those bi**hes would melt faster
Tookus: -.5 for a total of 3 inches lost....oh no there goes my J-Jo booty....bahahaha
Thighs: -.5 for a total  loss of 3.5...c'mon baby...i wanna see daylight through them soon.

So hellz ya to all that. Pounds and inches down all over, nothing overly strenuous done, same caloric intake as before but with less cheating and same exercise regimes as before but with less breaks....and only one real drinking with the girls night (and Monday night wine night but that doesn't count....nuh it doesn' it doesn't no it doesn't no it doesn't) Anyway i am pleased as freakin punch with this week and it has renewed my hope that this is really the right way to do this....I love it. By my birthday in June I hope to  have lost 20 lbs and about 4 more inches of my waist, 3 off my hips 3 off my but and 2 off my thighs.....and the best part is that this appears to be totally attainable....GO TEAM JESS!!!! I'm still doing major research on the benefits of green tea so hopefully some time this week I will post the results of that too.
This will be me if the pounds keep disappearing....but less square


  1. I saw you on Pinterest, and I just read all of your posts. I love your blog! You're hilarious! I've been on my "weight loss journey" for almost two years now and lost 50 pounds. I totally feel you on the fact that slow and steady sucks sometimes (as does seeing your boobs disappear), but trust me, being 50 pounds lighter is effing awesome and TOTALLY worth it. Keep at it, girl!

  2. Thanx abigail! I love all the positive feedback and encouragement both about my journey (and it is a long one) as well about how amusing I am, I use it to throwback at my husband who doesn''t appreciate my hilarity nearly enough! Good job on your weightloss acheivement. It's terribly satisfying to see those numbers go down isnt it....I will miss my boobs though....sigh.