Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Pink Drink Phenom

So everybody in the world (and by the world I mean my world and by my world I mean facebook....lets cut the crap) is talking about this new weightloss miracle "Plexus Slim" or "the pink drink" (which is not, to the chagrin of a friend of mine, Pepto Bismol).

 From the website Plexus Slim is "an all natural way to lose weight" by adding one "stick to a bottle of water, shake and drink." The page also claims to "help keep blood sugar and cholesterol down."

When used as part of a daily hydration regimen (1 stick pack per day), Plexus Slim promotes:
  • Loss of weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Healthy cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Healthy will power over food choices
  • Free radical scavenging (reduces oxidative stress)
Plexus Slim is:
  • Safe, non-stimulatory and non-thermogenic
  • Diabetic friendly

Oh and by the way, if you like it that much, you can become an "ambassador"(i.e. salesperson) and earn money while you lose weight."
Now, I consider myself fairly open minded. Having said that, I am also not interested in investing time, money (quite a fair chunk might I add) and my health into something based on a few testimonials from people who just started it. Soooooo I did my there is alot big words out there....and then I dumbed it down so I could understand it. This is what I it's learned..this will also be a long one grab a coffee and come back if you'd like....I'll wait. Lastly, if you want to just skip to the bottom, I break it down fairly quick in the conclusion. But don't be so damn lazy, just read it.....GAWD!


Raise your hand if you understand more than 2 of those words....anyone? Yup, me either. So let's dumb it down

POLYDEXTROSE: Polydextrose is an indigestible synthetic polymer of glucose. Basically it's a man made sugar substitue that is high in fiber. Being high in fiber it can help....ummmm....clear things out. (make ya poop)
CITRIC ACID: It is a natural preservative/conservative and is also used to add an acidic, or sour, taste to foods and soft drinks. Probably used in this to give it flavor...also does contain the same properties as lemon juice, so it's safe to assume there is vitamin c in there.
NATURAL FLAVORS; Beware of natural flavors. I found this awesome quote "Natural flavor is a man-made additive, and it makes processed food and fast food taste outstanding. It’s not the only additive that flavors our (processed and fast) food, but it sure does a great job. So-called natural flavor is produced in laboratories to give flavor to processed foods that lose almost all flavor through the processes of freezing, dehydrating, and canning. It is made from infinitesimal amounts of chemicals, or more so a collection of gases." Aint nothin natural about that. Also for the record, castoreum is a natural comes from the beavers sex gland....chew on that for awhile. Beaver sex flavor....yummy.
BEET ROOT & GRAPE SKIN EXTRACT: I searched around and found some proof that grape skin is somewhat of an antioxidant, but when they combine the two the way they did in the list, it is more likely that they are in there as a natural food coloring. No weight loss effects that I can find. It's what makes the pink drink pink.
STEVIA EXTRACT: This is another all natural sweetner that has been touch and go with health canada. There is no proven side effect, good or bad, in using this. There is also no proven or even suggested weight loss applications for this except that it makes things taste sweeter, therefore more delicious, without using sugar.
LO HAN EXTRACT: Thank god this is not an additive extracted from Lindsay Lohan....though that might help with weight loss....i hear crack is a great deterrant from eating and lord knows that girls blood is laced with something....oh snap, did I go there? Yes I did. But no really, it's another sweetner. This time from a fruit as opposed to a plant like stevia, but other than that, nothing healthy or weightlossy (shut up that's a word) about it.
CHLOROGENIC ACID: "Chlorogenic acid, an ester of caffeic acid and quinic acid, is a major phenolic compound in coffee, but is also found widespread in plants and can be isolated from the leaves and fruit. This compound, long known as an antioxidant, also slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal. "(source . So this would be an natural antioxidant which is good for cleaning up the blood stream and such which I am assuming is why this was first being studied as a drink to assist in diabetes. So this is good stuff....unfortunately its lower on the list of ingredients which means it is a smaller amount then everything above it.
CITRIN K : This compound has been associated with gradual decrease in body fat, nutritionally supporting healthy cholesterol levels, and suppressing hunger cravings frequently. Thats a quote from another weightloss supplement site
you dont need to go there or anything, i just dont want any copyright So thats the good stuff. However after looking into it, i saw some scary stuff about how it was linked to liver damage and muscle damage, as well a couple of sites suggested that putting green tea in instead would have the same results with out the negative side effects.
ALPHA LIPOIC ACID: Out of all the ingredients listed this one impressed me the most...unfortunate that it is so far down on the list...according to wikipedia this acid has the potential too:
Prevent organ dysfunction (take that citrin k), treat or prevent cardiovascular disease, reduce inflammation, prevent or slow Alzheimers, prevent erectile dysfunction (active component in the little blue pill maybe?) and a bunch of other beneficial stuff. It is essentially an antioxidant.
OXYPREGNANE STEROIDAL GLYCOSIDE: Back to the liver damage....this is the active component in the Hoodia cactus which is widely sold as a proven appetite also caused liver failure and damage to animals...though apparently it was injected into thier brains. So whatever you do, don't do that. It's also stated that it has a low bioavailability score and high elimination rate which basically means your body doesn't asorb this well and therefore you poop and pee most the good stuff out.
CHROMIUM: For those of you who watched Erin Brokivich, don't worry...we aren't talking (I seriously seriously hope) about the toxic stuff in the water ( I hope). We are talking about the mineral that all humans require in trace amounts that has been linked to weight loss and increaseing lean muscle mass. And diabetes control btw. However (theres that word again)  a recent review of 24 studies that examined the effects chromium on body mass or composition found no significant benefits. Another study done found some weightloss benefits, but they were so slight that the results were arguable at best and the study was uncontrolled.
So here is what I am gathering. We have a drink that has lots of sweetners and colorers (is that a word) that are all quite natural, but non-beneficial to weight loss. We have some minerals and acids that have positive anti oxidant effects, and as far as that goes you certainly arent hurting anything and in fact are helping some things, but not neccessarily weightloss . The one or two things that have any effective weightloss componentshad further studies done either debunking the theories/studies, or showing some potentially dangerous side effects. Lastly, you will be paying out the nose for this. From the Plexus slim website, here is the summery chart of thier most recent trial.

I was actually thinking that this was pretty positive until i looked at the dates. The final total was after 5 mths. If in 5 mths I only lost 5 or 10 or even 16 lbs i think I would cry...alot. In 30 days I have lost more weight than 75% of these "patients" by what? That's right folks, healthy diet and moderate excercise. I also love the loss of fatty inches many inches, which fatty areas? No specifics, just Yep....they sure did. This chart actual angered me....

So in conclusion, I will not be partaking in the expensive "Pink Drink" because from what I have personally researched, I see absolutely no benefits other than the same ones I can recieve by following Canada 's Food Guide and excercising 30 min a day at least 3 (i do 5) times a week and a glass of green tea and some lemon water. And seriously, I think my liver has taken enough damage, i don't think i should be beating on it any more. Don't get me wrong my friends, if it works for you, then by all means go for it. Just don't expect any miracle results, realize that this is a temporary assistance and if you don't change your habits, you will gain it all back again anyway, and consult your doctor. Some of these ingredients interfere with some prescription drugs. Thanks for your time and hopefully Plexus Slim doesn't sue me. Also I would love any comments, good or bad about your experience with it. Let me know if it worked, how it worked, if it sucked, and how it sucked. It's great to have comparrisons out there.


  1. A huge round of applause. I agree wholeheartedly. Most of these fad products suggest those who find success with the product ALSO IMPROVE THEIR DIET AND EXERCISE MORE. Huh. So... on a whim, I chose to forego the expensive drink and just started exercising more. I cut out most of my breads and ate a TON more veggies. Surprise, surprise. Results in mere weeks. If people find these drinks (and other like them) work for them, I'm pleased as punch for them. But I won't be shelling out the money for it. Leslie

    1. Thank you for sharing this kind of great article. I agree that this combined stresses connected with nutrient depletion and toxicity results in liver stress, upset and ultimately illness. Get to recognize a supplementary meals call Lifestream Chlorella can be good to heal this disease. Some review about this topic at:

  2. thanks leslie, that's pretty much it in a nutshell, right? EVERY one of these lose weight quick things always says diet and excercise. Well if I am dieting and excercising still why the hell do I have to pay you 100+ bucks for your miracle drink. lol.

  3. Just did a little more research on the "accelerator" pill that comes with the pink drink.....out of everything this appears to be the most dangerous thing of all. It's got 3 different caffeine products (green tea, dark chocolate and...well straight up caffeine) which can get real dangerous real quick especially if you are still drinking coffee and/caffinated pop or teas) as well it has Dimethylamylamine which has shown up as a positive result on a drug test for amphetimines (speed), and is a stimulant taht can raise your blood pressure and heart rate to dangerous levels. Whoa. Lastly it also has B-Phenylethylamine HCl which is a neuromodulator (helps regulate mood, focus etc...) which means it can interact negatively with people who are already on mood altering drugs (for say depression, bi polar etc) and side effects of this chemical include, and I quote "insomnia, confusion, dizziness or intense headache. Severe side effects associated with phenylalanine include tightness or sharp pain in the chest, difficulty breathing and a sudden increase in heart rate or blood pressure." (source: Jebus people....why? So you can lose weight for a little bit? My completely uneducated non medical advice is to avoid this accelerator like the plague....damn.

  4. I have been taking this for about a week and a half and have the worst headaches! And I almost never get headaches! I stopped drinking the pink drink and, alas, the headaches are gone! I just want people to know that this is a possible side effect and I read on a blog that this lady had headaches followed by a seizure! No more weight loss meds for me, I will be dieting and exercising!

  5. RRRRgggh... I posted a long reply to this and it didn't post! I am so mad! Basically, it said that I am taking Plexus now for 2 weeks, not for weight loss, per se, but for MS symptoms. I had followed it for over a year before deciding to join. The thing that got me was the fact that there was such a voluminous amount of awe inspiring testimonies! And they just keep coming! To say there are only a few grossly under enumerates the amount of testimonies. I, personally have experienced a HUGE increase in my energy levels which is no small feat considering I have MS.

    That being said, yes, I have experienced side-effects. But not from Plexus Slim. I experienced Candida die off effects from the probiotics and Bio Cleanse. These symptoms can be headaches, rash, rapid heart rate, diarrhea, constipation, yeast infections (duh, Candida is yeast), dizziness, and a few others.

    I have also been unsuccessful in finding any "real" data indicating negative effects of Plexus. Everything I've seen to date in the negative has been from bloggers or disgruntled customers and even some trying to sell their product (in a very underhanded manner, I might add). I have to think also, that any "negative" products listed would need to be quantified in that the daily intake would factor in greatly to go toward causing liver or kidney disease. Anything you take that cleanses the body of toxins obviously eliminates those toxins through these organs. If you don't drink enough water while detoxing it can cause liver/kidney damage, no matter what product you take to do so (even if it is merely diet).

    I wish people wouldn't say "fad" diet, no, I believe this to be more of a lifestyle change, period. Also, to be FDA approved, something HAS to be chemically altered so I'm not sure that the product that was depicted as such really is, because Plexus is not FDA approved because of it being all natural.

    All of that being said, I wish there were some actual facts out there to show any good, bad or indifferent results/effects this product has, but so far I've only found opinions. And well, the fact of the matter is, not everything works for everyone and everything affects everyone differently as well. I can't think that thousands of people are lying that their doctors have not only approved but actually have endorsed this product for other patients because of the phenomenal results!

    1. Very well said. Btw, Tylenol causes liver damage, I'll bet this blogger takes Tylenol and has never thought twice about it. Does the FDA approve apples? No they don't BC they are all natural. Hello! My Dr. regularly prescribes supplements without FDA approval for this reason. Plexus products are sold with a 60 day money back guarantee because they are designed to take up to 60 days to work. This isn't a quick fix and isn't sold as such although I lost inches on my hips, thighs, waist, arms, and chest in my first week and continue to do so. I know of no other company with such a strong, no questions asked guarantee! And check out their BBB rating. Its also amazing. No, people who sell Plexus aren't nutritionists or doctors, they're just people with a positive sometimes life changing experience who can't help but want to share it with people, especially people they care about. I will be happy to answer any question whether you buy from me or not. I believe in these products and I AM making money while I lose weight. Its not a gimmic or a scam.

    2. FYI... Published by the Australian government.

    3. People need to accept the fact that natural products are good bt may not be for everyone. So instead of people trying to get a medical degree on Google.... Talk to your doctor or natural path. Prescription drugs have more ingredients that have significant side effects that natural products. I have taken prescriptions for years and I shouldn't have been as they misdiagnosed me.... The bottom line is use common sense and get a professional opinion before you take anything. Plexus happens to be working for me.

  6. My girlfriend sells plexus slim and I'm on several meds and she doesn't know anything about the drink or product! I asked her about it bc of some of the meds and even the owners couldn't answer then I started doing dome research bc I have a lesion on my liver and yes citrin K and Hoodia both have been linked to liver damage not right away but later after taking the products! I'm also on Topomax for nerve damage called RSD and they said under NO circumstances to get on anything that has could mix with this pill bc its already used for weight loss which if they are going to sell the product they should know! Plus they agreed with me about the Hoodia and Citron K that with long term use it definitely could damage your kidneys and possibly other organs. No one knows the true effects the naturals herbs have because they are NOT tested and this Dr has over 35 hrs of experience. So if you have MS I advise you to talk to your doctor!

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  9. All I can attest to is my own results. My experience is that everyone has different results. I've lost 25 pounds but what I have experienced that is even more important to me is the health changes. I no longer have chronic headaches, achy joints, 24/7 fatigue, brain fog, or depression. So I continue to take the products for that reason. My sister has Lupus and also takes the same products as me and has had fewer flare ups that are less severe. So if all you want is weight loss this is probably no for you as most people lose the weight slowly. I lost 25 pounds over a period of 6 months some lose it faster. But for me it's just more about my health now. I haven't felt this healthy in my life. We use the slim drink, the probiotic, and the bio-cleanse.

  10. I have had fibromyalgia for over 25 years. I have tried every medication recommended for fibro and nothing, I repeat nothing has helped me until I began using Triplex. I did not expect to see such dramatic results. I figured it would be a repeat of everything else I had tried but I figured "What have I got to lose if it would help at all?" I have been using Triplex for 3 months and I have had some of the first pain-free days in over 25 years! It has been such a blessing to me. I would hate for someone to dismiss trying these products because of your review. These past three months have been nothing short of miraculous results for me. Even though the evidence is anecdotal, how can so many people be helped if the products don't work? From my experience, my pain is gone, my brain fog is gone, my energy level is remarkable,my weight has gone down 10 pounds,my appetite is manageable, and my medication has been has been reduced from 5 prescription drugs to 2. As I said, I hope people that could be helped will not be discouraged from at least trying the products that might help them. I am truly thankful for finding the products and I will keep telling people what they have done for me and my quality of life.

  11. thank goodness i found your blog. i'm an ultra runner. i run 40 + miles a week i don't need weight loss but my friend made me try a week of pink stuff and i'm pooping my pants every day on the dot 3 hours after the prelunch bottle of it. i'm so happy you have an easy to understand break down that there is NOTHING In that stuff i need. i'll stick to running. and tell my friend to flip off.

  12. thank goodness i found your blog. i'm an ultra runner. i run 40 + miles a week i don't need weight loss but my friend made me try a week of pink stuff and i'm pooping my pants every day on the dot 3 hours after the prelunch bottle of it. i'm so happy you have an easy to understand break down that there is NOTHING In that stuff i need. i'll stick to running. and tell my friend to flip off.

  13. I've been on Plexus Triplex for 4.5 months. I noticed I slept better after only 3 days. It helped my acid reflux until recently. I had a bout with stomach flu and my stomach felt acidic for a week then my stool started changing color (lightening). I was getting worried....Long story short: My liver enzymes are elevated and doc said to get off of it! Anyone else experience this?

  14. I've been on Plexus Triplex for 4.5 months. I noticed I slept better after only 3 days. It helped my acid reflux until recently. I had a bout with stomach flu and my stomach felt acidic for a week then my stool started changing color (lightening). I was getting worried....Long story short: My liver enzymes are elevated and doc said to get off of it! Anyone else experience this?

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