Monday, April 2, 2012

PMS plus rejection = major lack of self control

It knew I would be waited, bidding its time
Forgive me blog readers for I have sinned. It has been a few days since my last confession (post) and i have not been a good girl. It all started on Friday with my  girls night out. I avoided the wine and instead bought lo calorie coolers (ps i didn't realize that 100 calories meant low cal....i shoulda just stuck with the damn wine) and was a really good girl for the whole day....and in my defense i did some MAJOR dancing for about 2 hours straight....sweat buckets more than I did with any of my workouts. However, once out and about I OVER indulged on the drinks (vodka and cranberry, while sounding like the lesser of the evils and the healthier choice is soooooo not btw. However with the ammt I consumed I should be bladder infection free for some time.) Also, once I got home I found a block of cheese and some Melba toast.....i am so ashamed.

And the insanity didn`t stop there. The following evening my inhibitions again took a back seat when it was cuddle movie night with just me and the kids. The alcohol was absent (obviously, give me a little credit) but the chips and popcorn were ever so present....i couldn't say no.....they were right there, taunting me, saying `` Jessica, you know you want us....look at us, we are so delicious, mix us with the popcorn for a new delicious taste sensation``....damn you to hell sweet chili heat Doritos, damn you to hell.

Like this but with less fur

And finally, last night. Man I was so mad at myself for the junky weekend that I was super good, calorie counting like a mofo, all on track to exercise...then I got called into work early....and then I got the bad news. I had auditioned for dinner theatre and was pretty pumped until I checked my fbook and saw the message from the director....``you were great but we don`t have a spot for you....wish we did....come back in September``......le sob. Did I mention I am pmsing? So that was that, I requested my husband prepare a bath and a bottle of wine for me when i arrived home from work. I got there, ate a delicious stir fry at 930 at night, drank half a bottle of wine and went to bed licking my wounded ego all the way.

So that's my confession guys. Feel free to offer me up some sort of penance...but go easy on me....I'm still fragile.
This is what popped up when you google penance....don't make me do that

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