Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I dont understand this weightloss thing or Slow and Steady wins the...

Buzzzzz.....nah that's not the sound either
Okay okay i've been pretty good this week,especially with the food, not as much with the hardcore excercise but still...i'm being consistant (ish) and people keep saying you may not see pounds lost but you will see inches.....beeennnnhhhh (that was the sound of a buzzer by the way) wrong. It's that time again so i hopped (stepped gingerly) on the scale and peeked through my fingers which were covering my eyes at the scale...and then smiled and sighed with relief. Then I brought out the measuring tape, compared notes and promptly called my mommy to whine.....i dont get my body. It's looking better, feeling smaller and tighter  but.....

So anyway, the results for the week are as follows:
Weight: -2lbs (whoo hoo) for a total of  6lbs in 3 weeks. Respecatable yes?
Arms....maybe .5 an inch since the's hard to tell because my tape measurer sucks
chest: nada (whoo hoo...maybe i'll get to keep them!!!)
stomach -.5 for a total of 3inches in 3 weeks
hips: -.5 for a whopping 1.5...boooooooooo uuuuuurrrrrnnnnnns
ass: -.5....see above
thighs:-1 for a total of 3.5.....someday maybe i will see the light of day through them.....maybe.
I am not "disappointed" per se...but c'mon with me...I am being so much better to you, why cant we just get along.....sigh. Alright, back to the regime....slow and steady wins...something. I forget. Oh right, the carrots. Slow and steady wins the carrots.


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