Thursday, March 8, 2012


I have established two things on day 2 of my weight loss journey. #1 Excercise and diet sucks. #2 I need to be accountable for my actions and I work better if i am telling the world what I am supposed to be doing. I'm sure it stems from my constant need for affection and acceptance, but whatever it is, i decided a public blog might best be the way for me to stay on track.
So here is my game plan thus far.
5 days a week I will be working out (alternating Zumba with Yoga meltdown)
I will be cutting cheese (sob) mostly from my diet. I cant take it all out...i just cant. I have however switched to 1% cottage cheese for SOME calcium in my diet.
I have bought a pretty new smoothie/waterglass because apparently I only like water from a straw...whatever that means...and I am now drinking water like it's .....well water.
I will be weighing and measuring myself once a week....wednesdays...and recording my losses and gains on here. If i lose enough I may get brave enough to record my starting numbers and picture...but for right now...I am sooooo not that brave.
And the biggie, I am removing wine from my nightly rituals....waaaahhhhhh.
I love me a glass (or 2 or 3 or....well u get it) of red wine at night after the kiddies are asleep and me and hubby are cozying or Facebook games are calling my name....or soaking in a hot bath....ahhhh. Anyway where was I? Oh yes, I love all these wine moments, but it appears I love them a little too 30-40lbs too much. So I say buh bye to my nightcap and am replacing it with chamomille tea...totally the same thing really....and if i tell myself that enough I may start to believe it .....HA! I will still indulge occasionally, but only if I have been a good girl all week and in better moderation (i.e. one does not need 3/4 of a bottle of wine to relax...this is how alcoholism starts. And don't tell me the french do it...i dont need excuses.)
I am going to try this for one month and see what kind of results I get. Ifthis does not help then it's drastic measures time....thats right...I will have to go to the gym. So wish me luck and watch me shrink!

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