Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blame it on the a a a a alcohol

Oy....thats what i have to say....oy. Last night was my weekly ritual of indulgence with my bestie where we drink a decent sum of wine and then she leaves and I drink another decent amount and usually fall asleep way too late considering I work in the morning. Last night differed not at all and while I was actually in ok shape this morning for work, I have NOT been able to get motivated to do anything...except watch 4 episodes back to back of Degrassi High (yup that happened for real). It doesnt help that my Carmen Electra evil leg work out yesterday has made it hard to sit down today...how am I to keep my momentum up if every time i do a good workout, i cant move the next day...wtf. I am however encouraged that while i gave into the snacking urges last night, which I blame solely on the wine, i was fairly well behaved sticking to celery and cheese whiz and rice cakes. Tonight...can I just say no to birthday cake....probably not. Looks like me and my sore a** legs will have a date with the eliptical....sigh. I have included a picture of carmen electras stomach purely for motivational purposes.

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