Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Atonement or A Whopper with cheese has 670 calories apparently

Thats right, 670
Damn damn double damn....i was weak very weak. I started off strong this week pleased with last weeks results and wanting to keep the momentum going....I did my workouts, I avoided the wine and income taxes came in. Da Da DUM! On top of that, March Break happened. So not only did my excercise regime take a BIG fat doodie (haha, i said doodie) but any semblence of healthy eating went right out the window....Well this is not totally true. I was mostly good most days....but I forgot water because coffee and diet coke tasted better and i "forgot" that wine is bad bad bad in large quanities AND I forgot that anything called a Whopper, is probably not on the approved list of healthy supper alternatives. So my results today are disappointing, I'll get to them in a minute, and while I HATE the fact that I caved, I LOVE the fact that I am almost instanly shown the error of my ways....on my thighs. So here it is.

Weight: -.5lbs for a total of 4lbs lost so far
Standing on your tiptoes doesnt help....I tried
Chest: 0 for a total of 2 inches lost (that one I was ok with)
stomach: -1.5 inch for a total of 2.5 so far
Hips: -1 inch for a total of 1 inch (whoohoo, about damn time)
Tushy: -1 inch for a total of 2 so far

Now I know there are some of you saying, geez jess, at least theres no gains and all that positive cra....stuff, but the problem(s) is(are) this:
#1 I checked myself 2 days ago and I was down 2 more lbs...then i checked yesterday and i was back up one and then today back up another one...and yes I check at the same time every day and I actually check twice a day....i'm a little neurotic, what can I say. So I should have been down more pounds but I gave into temptation.
#2 It's only been 2 weeks and already I cracked under the pressure....numerous times even. It's one thing to have a slip up. It's entirely another to have a 2 day binge of slip ups.
#3 I really want these thighs gone and after such a kick ass start I was looking so forward to seeing that number change, but it hasn't because I done got lazy.

So having said all that, I am back on track. Mommas gonna get her sweat on and next week I intend to see some major results. You can count on it.

Hey look, it's a smiling dog.

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