Monday, March 12, 2012

Carmen Electra can bite me...or...The reason you hear weeping when i do stairs today.

So I was lazy yesterday (hey, it was the day of rest and all) and did not actually workout (because apparently running my ass of for 7 hrs as a waitress has done nothing beneficial for my health or figure) so I decided to up the ante today and try "Carmen Electras Fit to Strip". For those of you who are unfamiliar with Carmen and her Stripaerobics, what you have here is smokin hot Carmen Electra teaching you how to dance like a stripper...(ps, i do not look like a stripper when i dance....well possibly an aging stripper with bad knees and a c-section scar, but for those of you who have been to Angies in Moncton, that is about the norm) Anyway I digress, the workout i ATTEMPTED today is Disc 2-Fit to Strip....this is the video designed to GET YOUR BODY READY TO STRIP....and apparently by "get your body ready" they actually mean make your legs and arms so weak that you cant even take your pants off to pee let alone in a sexy way...(doesnt everybody try to pee in a sexy way...? This video is KILLER. Even the poor instructor had to towel off. I feel that this coupled with my jelly legs and arms and need to through darts at pictures of Carmen Electra means that this work out is prbly going to get results. So I will be adding this to my regime lest I get too bored it my daily torture....It does get better some point I am going to stop begging for death in the middle of my workout.....right?.....Please? At any rate, i need to see results soon because its getting harder and harder to talk myself out of buying a block of cheese and a bottle of wine and saying "F**k it....I like being fluffy."

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