Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The proof is in the week down....10 more to go

Drumroll please, the results are in. It has been one full week of my weightloss excusion and its time to measure up. I had a few people ask what exactly I was doing to lose weight/inches/gasping breaths on stairs and one friend told me I had to list in point form from now on so....
I have:
-stopped drinking wine nightly. I drank wine twice this week, white wine last saturday and red wine on monday for my monday night ritual. It was delicious both times....
-reduced my calorie intake to an approximate 1200-1500 on my good days and not so much on my cheat day. These calories by the way are consisting of much more veggies and fruits and much less carbs though i am still having carbs, i just try to make them whole grain as opposed to bleachy whites.
This also means cheese has taken a major back seat...that one hurt the most I promise you.
-I have committed to at least 30 mins of hardcore excercise (yoga, zumba and stripaerobics to be exact) at least 5 times a week and not allowed myself the excuse of "hey i'm a waitress, I walk constantly" cuz apparently that aint working so much.
-I have literally tripled if not quadrupled my water intake.
-lastly I have made myself accountable for my actions with this blog and by informing my husband and my besties of my plans and my goal. That way thier judging eyes will guilt me into good behavior. I'm joking everyone has been mucho supportive and not at all judgy.

So with the all the above, the results after one week are as follows:
Weight lost :3.5lbs (woot woot)
Inches lost:6.5 (huzzah) 2 from my boobs (d'oh) 1 from my waist (whoohoo) none from my hips (sigh) 1 from my ass (see ya in hell) and most impressive 2.5 from my thigh...i checked that one twice...guess the painful stair climbimg is worth it ay wha?

So yay me! If it aint brok dont fix it so I will continue on my merry way with what appears to be a very sustainable program and hopefully each week we shall see the same kind of results....except you and i have some work to do.

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